As a professional trader spending hours on hours per week looking at charts, you start to develop a technical vision which unconsciously lets you see cardinal points in the market, overlooked by the untrained eye. After working with it manually for several years and taking very nice profits from the market, I have started the phase where I am trying to automate my rules 95 accurate forex strategy trading as much as I can. Pips Carrier is one of them.

A late night dinner with a dear friend led me to a decision. Why not publish it and let others enjoy it as well, and, more importantly, profit from it? In addition, releasing this system goes hand in hand with my primary goal, which is to increase the level of trading for many traders out there. Pips Carrier, which turns out to be a piece of cake even for beginners, allowing them to produce amazing results right from the start. My belief is that even a trader who uses technical analysis must understand the basics of the indicator he uses in his day to day trading.

The first indicator I want to talk about is the MACD indicator. MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. It is a very important indicator. The MACD indicator consists of 2 moving averages and a histogram. The one you got with Pips Carrier follows the classic form of the MACD.

Zero level is the most important level of this histogram. You notice that the histogram consists of several slopes. A histogram’s slope determines the current direction of the market. If a histogram is above zero level and its slope is facing down, this is a sign that the market is expected to decline. If a histogram is below zero level and its slope is facing up, it means that market is likely to go up.