71 blockchain-related patent applications were filed in the U. There are currently 14 open jobs for every airbits bitcoin engineer.

Why has the Blockchain ecosystem been slow to train new developers? What happens if there’s no course correction to address the crippeling blockchain developer supply vs. Academy is the world’s first accredited school for blockchain, and will enable the future of blockchain projects worldwide by addressing the growing blockchain developer shortage. SCORM compatibility sets Academy apart from other blockchain education offerings because it solves the issue of curriculum standardization through scalability. SCORM allows our world-class curriculum to be delivered by partner universities across the globe. A fully immersive six-week accredited program trains the best and brightest developers to code blockchain products and work within innovative blockchain teams. Designed for executives looking to understand the basics of blockchain technology, the impacts and implications for blockchain across industries, and the skills needed to lead successful blockchain projects.

Plus, consumers can understand the digital, decentralized ecosystems of tomorrow with foundational modules in blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and the token economy. The Advisory Node system is unique to Academy and allows our curriculum to reflect the needs and demands of the blockchain community. It ensures our curriculum offerings remain relevant and agile in the face of rapid industry change. By supporting these projects through the IA, Academy fosters the future of the Blockchain ecosystem. Teams of highly-skilled blockchain specialists can be deployed to triage, fault-find or fast-track your company’s blockchain project. ACAD will be a means of paying for immersive training programs, educational offerings, and to access online content. Corporations looking for highly trained developers can use their tokens to bid for Academy-accredited graduates through the HR Advisory.

ACAD is poised to underpin the economic ecosystem of blockchain education by addressing the looming developer shortfall which could throw future blockchain innovations and initiatives into crisis. Discover your future as a programmer. Gain strategic insight into the power of blockchain to revolutionize the way the world does business. The world’s first zero-knowledge single sign-on solution.

Use the Airbitz wallet to login to decentralized blockchain apps with the scan of a barcode. Private keys are instantly created, encrypted, and backed up. No words to write down, no files to save, no data to encrypt. Edge Security to the Rescue For decades, we’ve utilized the enterprise security model which centralizes valuable data with trusted custodians. Over and over, this model has been proven to be flawed, with countless hacks, breakins, and thefts of consumer information and data.