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A competition involving a series of events or activities, in which the final round counts for a disproportionately large percent of the team’s total score — and in fiction, will tend to be worth more than all previous events combined. Thus, whoever wins the final round earns enough points to win the entire match, regardless of just about everything else that happened before it. On the flip side, allow for the losing heroes to have a come-from-behind win. 3 is guaranteed at least a tie in their overall scoring. It is worth noting that on actual game shows, it is rare for the Golden Snitch to entirely invalidate the previous rounds.

Whatever the case, if poorly played, it can leave audience members perplexed as to the point of everything they had just sat through for the last 20 minutes. When handled well, the Golden Snitch still awards a significant advantage based on previous points. When handled poorly, however, the optimal strategy in a game with a Snitch would be to focus solely on the Snitch and avoid every other aspect of the game. The apparent purpose of the Sports Duel Tournament in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL was to make Kotori and Cathy friends again by forcing them to cooperate.