NKNW puts actual bio-identical testosterone into bitcoin fog alternative body. You’ll see real results that you can measure with blood tests and in the gym. Even asking for a diagnostic blood test can be difficult. We ship world-wide so you can take quick action.

Order a single tube and see how it feels. Our goal is to be better. We use pure bio-identical testosterone and deliver it in a no-nonsense, non-toxic formula. Without insurance you’ll probably pay 5 times our price. This fits our values of discretion, safety, and freedom. No hassling with doctors, pharmacies, or shady dudes in the locker room.

If it’s not for you, try something else. Up to 6 months of High Testosterone. Confidence and energy throughout the day, strength in the bedroom, power in the gym, the whole deal. With 150 standard doses of pharmaceutical quality Testosterone Gel, turn back the clock and find a competitive edge. NKNW can’t accept credit cards, but we can accept Bitcoin. Luckily, it’s easy to buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

You’ll need to buy Bitcoin on a different website and return here to send them to us. It’s a three step process that we describe in more detail in the red bars further down. We break it down and tell you the best exchanges and wallets. If you’re still lost, send us a message through the contact form at the bottom.

Please take care to send Bitcoin, not “Bitcoin Cash” “Bitcoin Gold” or any imitations. Simple, free and no verification needed. Your wallet is like a bank account where you receive and hold coins. Also like a bank account, you can transfer your coins. Many exchanges automatically include a wallet, so you can skip this. Enter the number and code into your wallet, hit send and that’s it!

You can ignore the bar code thing. Why can’t I pay with a card? NKNW is only available via Bitcoin. Bitcoin is safer and more anonymous. Of course it’s less convenient than credit cards and other options. This shouldn’t be an impulse purchase.

The restrictions on testosterone go a bit too far in most countries, but they are there for a reason. It will literally turn women into transsexual men! It puts athletes at an incredible advantage. So you have to decide:  put in the time to figure out Bitcoin, or go through all the trouble and expense of buying from a pharmacy. Or talk yourself into a booster or inferior product. Converting a chunk of money into Bitcoin is like buying tokens at an arcade or chips at a casino. Or yen when you visit Japan.