Aquascaping While some aquarists maintain aquaria with minimal or no decoration, these are often breeding tanks or tanks for growing out fry. Plants serve two main functions in the aquarium: aesthetics for the aquarist and habitat for cichlid tank scaping forex fish.

If you are happy with plastic plants, your fish will be too. Live plants will remove some wastes from the water, but dead leaves add to the bioload. Artificial plants don’t reproduce, but they also don’t grow and change your aquascape over time like live plants will. Live plants will be preferred by your fish if they are herbivorous—fish that like to eat plants will find the artificial ones a very poor substitute! There are also many artificial corals that are extremely lifelike, enabling you to decorate a marine aquarium without the high-tech equipment necessary to keep reef animals alive.

These artificial corals can be safely used in freshwater tanks as well, if you are so inclined. Other Decorative Items A variety of natural objects and artificial ornaments can bring beauty to your aquarium and habitat to your fish. Natural or fake, fish take security in and around these items. Rocks: Many fish enjoy hiding in caves and crevices in rock structures.