Sergey I recently read your butterfly butterfly shape thread, darkonix forex some problems: 1. I tried to find, found that some of the links failed to find less than 2. I know you have 9 scalp templates, I need them 3.

Well, the asset moves as I’ve predicted. CAD keeps its bullish trend, the next resistance may be the 1. 3458 level and from there the price may try to stall or even break to the downside, but if oil keeps dropping, then we may see a breakout of that level. The pair made a substantial rally going from close to 1. 0400 to below parity in just a few days. Let’s see how the Trump Presidency rolls out and if the pair would continue trading to the downside. I’m having a little loss right now, but I think I’ll close the deal with profit.

USDU using Metatrader indicators, Neural Net and general technical analysis. This site is rich with indicators and systems so let’s work together to make more pips using our accumulated expertise. How to insert a timeframes icon in MT4 or MT5? I need to convert it mql5 code.