ISS World Europe is the world’s largest gathering of Regional Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Homeland Security Analysts, Telecoms as well as Financial Crime Investigators responsible for Cyber Crime Investigation, Electronic Surveillance deanonymizing bitcoin wallet Intelligence Gathering. Plus Special Training Seminars lead by Law Enforcement Officers and Ph.

Training Seminars Led by Law Enforcment Officers and Ph. D Computer Scientists 31 classroom training hours, presented by Law Enforcement Officers and Ph. The aim of this 1 day seminar is to take the attendees from the basics of understanding the Internet, how to find data, through to a full understanding of best practice of an Internet investigator, building their OSINT toolbox, and having awareness and knowledge of all the tools available to achieve this. It is aimed primarily at the investigator, delivered from the perspective of detective, to empower them to have the best methodology and tradecraft to profile and catch suspects. This is exclusively Law Enforcement only, as Practical examples, covert and investigative methodology and tradecraft will be given throughout the seminar.

The Internet, and how suspects leave a Digital Footprint. 8:30-9:20 Cryptocurrency 101: Introduction to What Technical Investigators Need to Know about Bitcoin and Altcoin Transactions, Dark Web Commerce and Blockchain Analysis Presented by: Dr. The other side that receives less attention are TOR hidden services. This webinar is about defeating the later. When it comes to defeating network encryption the technical community separates into two camps. Those who want to impede law enforcement and the government intelligence community from defeating network encryption: IETF, Silicon Valley and hundreds of third party encryption services.

In this session, Stephen E Arnold reviews the changes in Dark Web user messaging caused by increasing pressure on traditional Dark Web sites. Innovations from Portugal Anonymous and developers of encrypted chat apps have been active. In fact, Briar and Matrix are two new but unproven systems now available. The options for secure communication for Surface Web and Dark Web users are increasing. The mechanism, including network diagrams, for inserting investigators into the message flow of chat based on IRC techniques and rapidly-evolving peer-to-peer distributed messaging. A case example of a procedure developed in Qatar is reviewed. The lecture is designed for a person with familiarity with online surveillance and general familiarity with computer-assisted analyses.

Presented by: Stephen Arnold, Managing Partner, Arnold. Countless news articles have been written about quantum computers, the magic of entangled qubits and all the new business opportunities that will be created with these general-purpose computing machines. But what is not addressed in these articles is you don’t need a general purpose quantum computer to defeat today’s cryptography. While these general-purpose machines are likely a decade away from deployment, an application specific quantum circuit designed for one purpose only, e. SSL proxy and other ways how to obtain session’s private keys. 10:30-11:30 Dark Web Messaging Today and Outlook for 2019 Presented by: Stephen Arnold, Managing Partner, Arnold.