A PRIORIA Latin phrase meaning “known ahead of time” or more precisely, known without any empirical evidence or experience. This truth can be concluded without any experience or evidence. ABANDONAn option contract which is not enforced because it is out-of-the-money. ABANDONED BABYA rare candlestick divergent macd forex factory which can indicate either a new bullish or a new bearish trend.

ABNORMAL ITEMAn income or expense which may be part of the company’s normal business but which is abnormal in amount. So, an unusually high expense or income might be considered abnormal. ACCELERATED BOOKBUILDAn offering of new shares in the short term which is non-promoted to institutional investors in order to raise capital. An accelerated bookbuild is an immediate means of financing for a company or an individual, as was the case with Dischem’s accelerated bookbuild in December 2013. Debt instruments are basically IOU’s written by one organisation in favour of another.