I was fibo forex indonesian whether functions written in MQL are synchronous like in Javascript and if so how can you change this? Sergey I recently read your butterfly butterfly shape thread, encountered some problems: 1. I tried to find, found that some of the links failed to find less than 2. I know you have 9 scalp templates, I need them 3.

TP on multiple pairs at an exact time on MT4 platform. Would anyone know of such a tool being available or has knowledge of programming to help create this for a reasonable fee? USD and i see 4 or 5 Tops and bottoms every day. How to compare spread between brokers during Asian sessions. I would like to know whether any website can help us compare spread between different brokers during Asian session.

I would like to compare Tickmill and ICmarkets spread for EURUSD during Asian Sessions. There certainly is a Holy Grail! It is generally accepted in the trading community that there is no Holy Grail. That is a very human and absolutely normal way of dealing with the subject. I ask for help to the community . Do you have interest or hobby outside trading ? Well, why don’t show it here.

At the end of Feb 2017  I collected data from a website about traders working on 3 pairs and you can see the real facts how many peoples are winners! The main reason peoples loosing using high leverage. See image below, also find attached image for larger preview. Does any body knows how to fix the MT4 terminal for MAC that does not shows the MARKET TAB? Thinking about setting up an acc on kraken and looking for feedback from the community anyone trading on kraken? I hear that 5X leverage is the most you cant get for US traders anyone know of an exchange that offers higher leverage to US traders?

EMA-Crossover_Signal: Enter two Exponential Moving Average periods and it’ll tell you when they crossed. SMA-Crossover_Signal: Enter two Simple Moving Average periods and it’ll tell you when they crossed. Phoenix EA – 2nd Place at Automated Trading Championship! Thanks to Hendrick Stam for sharing this winning system and expert advisor. 4: running live at ACT 2006. The system was posted by bradman when he needed this system coded.