Allowing to Isolate the payments application to the point of sale business application The nexo Retailer Protocol defines a set of interfaces between a card payment application and a retail point of sale system. It offers new innovative features such as first binary option withdrawal ease clear separation between sale and payment, the provision of a complete series of payment and loyalty services as well as a common approach for all types of architectures and environments. SCOPE This specification contains the protocol specifications between a sale system and a payment system.

The modelisation of the various architectures that could be supported by the protocol. The way to use the transport protocol located below the application protocol that is specified. The specification of the services offered by the protocol, and the specification of how to use these services, by the exchange of sequence of messages. The static part of the protocol, definition of the messages and their components. This material is part of the nexo Retailer Protocol series of specifications.

1 definitions as well as some examples of XML-coded messages. NEW VERSION OF NEXO RETAILER PROTOCOL Changes in version 3. Support of a payment facilitator: the sponsored merchant data can be provided to the POI. The very first series of ISO 20022 card payment standards to be used between an Acceptor and an Acquirer for card-initiated payment transactions. The design allows interoperability between different implementations and expansion to support value added services. Messages are made up of a header, a body and a trailer.