Forex candlestick reversal patterns pdf’s markets followed more or less as what was to be expected. That whole rhythm of the market thing.

Some don’t, but the fact that some do is the fundamental basis of patterns. Be they chart patterns or otherwise. Candlestick patterns are still a very popular tool amongst chartists because those patterns are the sequences that recur the most. And, frankly, it seems like these patterns haven’t changed much or you wouldn’t see them on any chart you can name.

Fibonacci Spirals , markets don’t stick to those levels or follow them perfectly. That’s why they’re called levels in the market. I think we’re going see a kinda choppy morning but an overall bullish day, with some very strong slopes up. P 500 Futures are trading -4. There are three big numbers out today. Analysts are expecting solid numbers there. The third is Natural Gas Storage at 10:30 AM.

If markets need another kicker after morning chop that could be it. Or it very well could start the chop. Trend-wise remain bullish on SPX watch 2680ish as a reversal to get scared about. I noticed way more equity blocks going through than usual vs. The skeptic in me wants to say that we go up today but on low volume due to that sort of action.

Yesterday the 30-year note briefly broke its present resistance but pulled back quickly. If you asked me, I’d say that it was probably some of a Fed taper sale. The Fed is going to want to sell bonds high, ya know. Hey, some of these moves look remarkably similar to another currency’s. The apt beginning of the writer’s conclusion makes the point I was trying to get at.