March 2012:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote forex club global this company. Other websites for this company include fxclub.

Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. This company is deceptive and I strongly advise that you do not open an account with them. I’d like to share my experience of my attempt to withdrawal funds from my trading account. The document requests are nothing but stalling tactics.

I had to provide 8 different photos of myself holding my Passport over the last six weeks. I traded without problems making profit and even they allowed me to make a withdrawal once. Two months ago on Oct 17, I placed a withdrawal request which was rejected one, two, a number of times. Each time they requested a different document, supposedly for AML verification. I provided the documents in timely matter the same day they requested them.

On the other hand one has to wait days, even weeks for them to reply an email. When I provided everything you could imagine and there was nothing left to ask using the AML excuse, they stop replying me and the account was put under “verification”. The only person that replies my emails once a week is an account manager that is unable to get any responses or explanations for me. According to him “internal control” doesn’t provide any information about this case. I traded FX many years and I know what’s normal and what’s not. This broker is showing a scam behavior, illegally withholding my funds without any explanations.

We are talking about usd 30k here, it’s not a couple hundred dollars. I still have hopes of recovering my funds, I will post again when I have any update. The FPA is pleased to see this issue has been resolved. Traded with them since Aug 16. Attempted multiple times to withdraw some funds from beginning of April17 but all got rejected telling me to provide documents after documents.