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METATRADER 4 Our Clients may utilize the most up-to-date financial informational platform with streaming quotes, live charts and powerful analytical tools. Federal Open Market Committee maintained federal funds rate at 0. Speculative trading with currencies and CFDs carries a high degree of risk to capital. You may loss the whole deposit for short run. You should not start up trading with real money if you do not have a possibility to loose it. Before depositing funds consider carefully your financial knowledge and appetite for risk. If you do not like itdo not do it!

What do you exactly do when you trade? A Car a robotwhy use it? But why not if it helps? So many accountants in companies with General ledger booksno relational databaseit is fine!

High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format. Personally I have mentioned it a few times – I make next to no trading decisions any more sitting here watching the markets- I have EA’s that generate the trades based on my strategies . I prefer it this way in a more modern trading environment. A big weakness I used to have was that I would put on trades without SL or have a tendency to move it.

KAL – how about its goin to 56 and THENWHAT? Those charts are output of thousands of models BTWSome serious stuff ha? OIL – how about its goin to 56 – and then we figure out why! Excel formula for standard deviation and mean in a column of data. BUT NOT gambling result in Vegas for predicting the next winning combo.