I don’t post unnecessary updates, stupid cat pictures or other rubbish. I have many more spreadsheets and resources to publish, and I’d love to keep in touch with you! Many people have technical questions about forex free margin formula in excell spreadsheets.

It doesn’t work on my system. It gives me results I don’t understand. Can you make a quick alteration? It doesn’t work for this stock ticker. I prioritize questions from people who have linked to investexcel.

I need a bulk downloader for perferred securities. The yahoo bulk downloader does not handle all perferred securities, however your Google single quote does. Preferreds sometimes have an suffix, such as MER-D, MER-E, MER-F which are different issues from Merrill Lynch. Is this something you can develop? I’m developing a simple historical stock price spreadsheet, and would like to add historical currency exchange rates so that foreign stocks can be included.

I’m using Yahoo as a source for historical stock prices, but it doesn’t look like they have historical currency data. What source did you use for your bulk Forex spreadsheet? Given that, I think I can figure out how to get the data. If I’m still stymied, what is your fee for opening up the VBA project for your Forex spreadsheet? I would love to generate csv. Right now, there are two header lines in your file, one with the stock name, the second with the yahoo finance header.

This should be replace by just the header line mentioned above. I know it is easy to implement, but I am not so familiar with VBA etc. Cool feature, which I am sure more people would be interested in. I love your Bulk Dividend Analyzer! Your bulk stock quote downloader is really great. However, it allows me to take only 90 stocks. Does it not work with Indian stocks like SBIN, SOUTHBANK etc.

I use these ratios, along with other imformation, to create a comosite score for each stock. I have been doing this manually into Excel 2013 for over 300 stocks. You just need to increase the width of the cell. Moneycontrol or some other indian stock information ?

I need to adapt my country Merval with identical performance to the original Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet only works for tickers that have programmatic access via Yahoo Finance. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Is there something I should be doing differently?