NFP data give very small movement and reaction. Forex gap up: “the May jobs report suggests a solid pace of labor market improvement consistent with a larger overshoot of full employment. 50 so its another battle here.

Household Survey showed one stunning outlier print: in May the number of full-time jobs rose from 127. 657 million, a 904K increase in one month, offset by a 625 plunge in low-quality, part-time jobs. ISM Mfg PMI stronger than expected. Final Markit PMI a touch softer. G8 – now G7 as -Russia – is all about glad-handing and foxy smiles collusions about trade and co-ordinated financial intervention meddling support of those harmonized policies. 600-million cost of June 8 and 9 G7 summit in Quebec. First types to get paid: cops and other assorted killers.

Why – in this day n age of highspeed internet the G7 monkies can not do their colluding by way of a tele-conference is, to me, mysterious. Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8:30 this morning. 117 and u see itll take a lot to move away from this zone. Trump gave us the jobs figure ahead of the algos!

I guess he won’t do that again! The anti-Trump press will have their hair on fire later today. Its the right of the algos to screw us every month! 17 comes into play and then 1. 1720-ish does not resist then 20 day 1. I think Tues should be fine to cover shorts near 1. Think till November elections US numbers will look great really great .

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