How can Nigeria’s endemic power problem be resolved? By increased investment in renewable energy, gas pipelines, power plants and transmission forex live rates feeders, among others, says Green Elec President Marcel Hochet, in this interview with AKINOLA AJIBADE.

He also speaks on the plans by five states to build solar-powered mini-grids. How can Nigeria tackle the perennial problems of shortage of gas and poor power supply? To address the problems, stakeholders including the Federal Government must try and invest in key infrastructure such as gas pipelines, equipment used in the distribution, generation and transmission of electricity, and other facilities. Since the operators are not having enough money to play around with, they need to bring in more investors into the industry to provide the fund needed to move the sector forward. By so doing, stakeholders are helping in accelerating the growth of the industry, and also by reducing problems such as pipeline vandalism, poor generation and supply of power, which have resulted in low activities in the sector. What is the problem facing the national grid?

The national grid is old, a development, which has resulted in the incessant collapse of the grid and inability of some parts of the country to get light. Successive administrations have spent a lot of money on the sector. Former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan have launched many projects in areas such as power generation, distribution and transmission. The energy distribution firms need to upgrade their facilities by acquiring the latest technology in order to encourage growth. The firms must phase out analog meters, and in turn, provide their customers with pre-paid meters and smart meters.