My 1-year-old is battling Acute Leukemia. Jharkhand JAC Matric 10th Result 2018 Highlights: Over 1 lakh failed, pass percentage stands at 59. 726 billion on September 8, aided by a sharp rise in foreign currency assets, mainly huge inflows through foreign forex market open time in india investments in projects and portfolio investment. 300-billion in March 2008, months before the global financial crisis hit Indian rupee and the economy.

In August 2013, the rupee plummeted to an all-time low of 68. 85 against the dollar following the US Federal Reserve’s decision to roll back its stimulus programme. India is now in the sixth position in forex reserves ranking, ahead of Taiwan, Brazil and euro zone. However, the huge reserves have not given adequate returns to the country. The RBI’s return from foreign currency assets is now only 0.

80 per — the lowest in the last 15 years — compared with 1. The big rise in forex reserves is to due to inflows through foreign direct investment and portfolio investment in the capital market. However, market analysts are expecting a slowdown in FPI inflows. While the market witnessed outflows from the stock market in August and September, FPIs are close to reaching their debt investment limit. Analysts have cautioned about Q2, saying that inflows would taper off and that CAD would widen further.

Going ahead, the second quarter will be challenging as the trade deficit has been widening till August. With crude prices up, pressure will continue to mount on import bill. We need to have software and remittance receipts to increase which are contingent on the state of world economy and US policy to immigration and outsourcing. This needs to be watched carefully.