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Alternative paths should be listed in the behind the scenes section. Promoted to Lieutenant, “Meteor” was given command of Havoc, and tasked by General Elin Garza with hunting down the traitors alongside the recently-demoted Aric Jorgan. As the galaxy headed towards renewed war, Havoc Squad was tasked with destroying the Gauntlet, a superweapon built by the Empire. Havoc Squad continued to serve under their commander’s leadership in the coming years, playing parts in campaigns such as the one to foil the Order of Revan’s designs on the moon Yavin 4. People, this is the new sergeant I mentioned—ranked first in the Academy in Forward Assault, Search and Destroy, and Advanced Recon. It’s good to have you, Sergeant.

The future Havoc commander was ranked first in the Academy of Forward Assault, Search and Destroy, and Advanced Recon becoming a talented soldier and combat leader, during the Cold War with the Sith Empire. Another beautiful day on Ord Mantell. I’ll fight the enemies of the Republic with everything I’ve got, sir. Upon arrival in orbit around the planet Ord Mantell, the starship carrying the Sergeant evaded an ongoing space battle between the Separatist fleet and the Republic Navy. Suddenly the APC, carrying the Sergeant, Gearbox and others, was shot down by two armor-piercing missiles coming from the nearby Drelliad village. Upon arrival to the Republic base, the Sergeant was welcomed by Sergeant Jaynes. Afterwards, the Sergeant entered the barracks where he was approached by a private named Farn, who introduced himself telling the sergeant that it was an honor to meet a member of the legendary Havoc Squad.

Commander Tavus started briefing Havoc Squad on their overarching mission on the planet, to recover the stolen ZR-57 orbital strike bomb in the region of Avilatan. Considering that the weapon was capable of vaporizing an entire island, the Republic had initially sent a recovery team but by the time they arrived, the bomb had already been stolen by the Separatists. Before the Sergeant could go on with the mission, Tavus lastly introduced Lieutenant Aric Jorgan, from the Republic’s Ord Mantell Infantry Command, who would oversee the Sergeant’s progress in the mission and provide intel when necessary. Jorgan also made it clear that he was in charge and his orders were to be followed without question.

The Sergeant entered Bellis’s house in Talloran to recover his field box. Upon entering, the trooper was approached by Bellis’ wife, Lin, who at first tried to disguise her husband’s profession, considering she didn’t even know that he had been killed. The Sergeant returned to Fort Garnik and gave Bellis’ field box to Jorgan, who then told the Sergeant to talk to Bazren while he decoded the information that was recovered. Bazren assigned the Sergeant with a new task, telling the Sergeant that a mysterious informant called Mirru had come to the Republic base and informed the officers that he knew of a planned separatist bombing happening on that very day. After concluding his mission and returning to the Barracks, the Sergeant was intercepted by private Farn once again, who told his superior that most soldiers in the base were corrupt, and he could only trust the promising Sergeant, revealing that his CO, Lieutenant Virk, was scamming everyone under his command. Saphrro, Vyru, and Bol are priority-one targets, Sergeant. Upon arriving at the Separatist outpost on Mannett Point, subduing several separatists along the way, the Sergeant met with Zora.

She assigned the trooper to destroy the Outpost’s generator while she would take care of the force field that prevented them from acquiring the bomb. While searching the base for more officers, the Sergeant eventually encountered a room where three high-ranking Separatist were meeting. One of those officers, Saphrro, ordered another, Vyru, to attack the Republic trooper. Vyru was however killed, followed by his two partners, Saphrro and a third officer, Bol.

The Sergeant, without any success locating the bomb, retreated to Fort Garnik, informing Needles — Ryler Dorant’s code name — about the mission’s result. Even though the Sergeant was not successful in retrieving the bomb nor its location, Needles told the Sergeant that the mission had been a success because four separatist officers had been killed, crippling the Separatist’s presence in the area. Needles then told the Sergeant about a man named Zak from Oradam village, that had been in the Republic’s outpost, requesting for medical supplies due to his radiation illness. The Republic officers then determined that he had been poisoned by the radiation emitted by the bomb.

Now finally with the bomb’s location, the Sergeant was called to regroup with the rest of Havoc Squad in Fort Garnik’s barracks. While entering the barracks the Sergeant was intercepted by the corrupt Virk who threatened the sergeant due to the scrutiny of an official investigation into his corrupt practices that the trooper had requested. The Sergeant was able to locate the bomb in another Separatist Base and finally disabled it, finding that Havoc Squad was still nowhere to be found. The Republic trooper had however found another troubling discovery, noticing that some of the opposing forces who were protecting the base, were actually Imperial soldiers, revealing the Sith Empire’s affiliation with the Separatists. The Sergeant reached a hangar within the facility, finding that the rest of Havoc Squad was very much alive. Wraith attempted to kill the Sergeant but was stopped by Tavus who then revealed to the Sergeant that Havoc was going to desert the Republic for the Sith Empire, as the latter seemed to value soldiers more than the former.