What Is forex platform on mac Best Trading Software for Mac? I made the move over 5 years ago and have never looked back. It’s faster than my desktop, probably due to the Mac SS disc drive.

4GB RAM standard that I upped to 8GB. I spend half the year travelling so a laptop was the only logical choice. I’m also not a fan of multiple monitors so a decent size and quality screen was a must. I was sold a lemon and I knew something was not right from the get-go.

I’m glad I ditched my 2011 machine but lesson learned: Apple products can let you down. But what a pain it is to change machines. When will they make this easier? I can’t figure out why Apple hasn’t upgraded it. Please note, the advice below should work equally well for laptop and desktop Apple Macs. Second, Parallels runs OK with 2 monitors but anything more than that and performance degrades with noticeable lag.

Although I opted to run the latest version of Parallels on my Mac it’s not your only choice. VMware Fusion is a competitor but in my research the reviews were not as favourable. Macs also come with a built-in utility called Boot Camp. This allows you to partition the hard drive and install Windows along side the Mac operating system.

The only drawback is that you can’t run the two operating systems simultaneously, unlike Parallels. What about the performance on a Mac? 5 seconds to open any other minute, hourly or daily chart. Something that plagued me frequently on my Dells running Windows. I have a feeling that chart opening times, particularly tick bar charts, are more dependent on the speed of your Internet connection than the speed of your machine. These tests were run in Sydney, Australia, on a good broadband connection.