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All Rights With FX Magician . FF free and on our new whatsapp trading group. We are a group of traders that have done research over 10 years studying the market. We post our FX trading signal and direction, you follow and trade if you like it, and then see the results for yourself. However, we must let you know that our system has been tested for and used with binary option trading on Forex. 353-89-4362111 and state your name in the message. We will then add you to the “FOREX POINTER” trading group on whatsapp.

Our website will be accessible online by Mid-May 2016. And our mobile app will be ready by end of June after which we will deactivate the whatsapp group and all signal notifications will be coming through as a notification on the mobile app. This option expires by 22:00 BST on Monday. Please, connect me to the trading group. And then, we will add you to the group for 30 days free.

Our 2 cable positions are in profit already. I mentioned earlier that conventional traders too can benefit but I can vouch for our system mainly on FX binary trading because we have tested it for that for years. NZD position too in profit before option expiry. To try our signal for 30 days free, join our whatsapp trading group by sending the message in quote below to request connection.

USD calls last night, you should be up by 120 pips at the least by now. As I said, we will not give any TP point. We can try over time to be giving SL point for such traders, but, mainly our focus is on binary options. For us, it produces huge profit and less risk.

For conventional traders following our calls, we will suggest TP right now. We can always re-enter market anytime when it looks ok remember. And over 100 pips is not too bad too. NZD position, we are still hoping that it will move in our favour before day end, It is so stagnant now still around our entry point, but, the options expires by 10PM UK time, so, we want to wait a little bit and see what happens. USD closely too as it may move very fast along the line today. NZD just moved 5 points away from our entry point in our direction. Market is still trying to find direction.