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Get a chance to increase your profit. 2016 Statistical Analysis Of The Pickup Market Wars: GM Vs. Ford and FCA continued to gain in the fullsize segment, while GM and Toyota saw a mix shift in favor of sales of midsize trucks. Looking to 2017 among the large players, Ford looks the strongest, with GM closely behind, while FCA may see its growth rate decline from the strong 2016. Nissan is a wild card, and Honda is almost certain to gain a lot of market share for the all-new Ridgeline.

It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to analyze what happened to the U. Who won market share and who lost? First, let’s realize the importance of the pickup truck market to the overall U.

7 million pickup trucks were sold in the U. That makes pickup trucks one of the largest segments, and it’s widely assumed also one of the most profitable. Let’s start by looking at the largest matrix of them all, the overall U. But that’s only where the fun begins.