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Advisory lines at the top of Updates, advise clients of additional new details in a running story and where to find the information in text. They are also an important news-editing tool because they help us decide whether we really need to re-edit the story. Indent one space and start with a capital letter. The aim of bullet points is to break complicated information down into digestible form or to highlight the main elements of a story. Bullet points also free us up to be more creative in our lead writing.

Bullet points work in many story formats: BRIEFs, UPDATES, WRAPUPs, INTERVIEWs, market reports and factboxes. To add bullet points in a story in Lynx Editor, click on the More Actions tab and click Add Bullets to create a bullet field above the byline field in the story header. Here are some details on the various story formats that currently use bullet points. We may extend this group to include other story types. BRIEFs are meant to save time and ensure customers who cannot receive alerts get the guts of our stories. The bullets repeat the alerts verbatim, and that’s OK. A BRIEF can have more than 5 bullets.