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I don’t feel comfy leaving trades running overnight and was looking for trading system can bring me more profits for my capital without increasing the risk percentage. What attracted me the most about the DT course was the presenter. He is very experienced knowledgeable trader and has an amazing way of simplifying things, making it very easy to implement. When teaching you something, you will feel as if one of your friends is teaching you. I cannot speak too highly of our coach James, the quality of the live Dynamic Trader Workshops, and his dedication to turning us all into profitable traders. I have a few years experience of following the Trendsignal strategies but the Dynamic Trader Intraday is a whole new skill set which has not come easily to me.

I keep coming back to James’s rules from day one. My consistency has improved considerably since applying these rules, I enjoy the trading more and I am excited by the potential account growth that is now within reach. It is an effective way of trading for a few hours a day. Don’t let the cute slogan fool you, this course is one of the very best, if not THE best one out there. After taking this crash course in forex trading, from the comfort of your own home, you’ll be better armed to trade profitably and to take your trading to the next level. Back when I was looking for a course to offer on this website, a close friend of mine suggested I speak with a friend of his who is now a full-time forex trader.

This trader, who is very successful and “works” from the comfort of his own home highly recommended the Peter Bain course, which was the foundation of his success! Designed to teach beginners how to trade currencies and then continue with their forex development until they have become proficient traders, the “Big Dog” course has enabled thousands of individuals to become skilled currency. Your chart is like the artificial gyro horizon – an instrument used to inform pilots of the orientation of the aircraft relative to earth. The pilots must know how to read this instrument in order to navigate safely. Professional traders also use a gyro horizon to see what the market is doing. Pivot levels offer traders a frame of reference so he can see what price is doing and more importantly find his support and resistance levels.

I began to change the way I look at the market with that epiphany. Over the next 18 months, I devised the steps for a simple system for myself to guide my forex trading. I called it my Forex Dashboard System. As you can see, price action becomes the central focus in my Forex trading! The truth is you don’t need to clutter your charts with all those indicators to be successful. They’re cluttering your decision-making skills as much as they clutter your charts.