Sadly we forex trading expo 2012 more bad news! We learned from Hamish Young and Allison Allan that Mrs Jean Gilchrist passed away a week ago. We are deeply saddened to hear that Digby Hembry passed away in Woodbridge recently.

His funeral held on 9th May at the St. Children of the Raj’ group members. India hands, who reside in Norfolk, Suffolk and North Essex. Bill Henderson wrote with the sad news that Keith Taylor, ex Single Tea Company in the 1960s, died in Cape Town, South Africa in December last year. He had lived alone and the authorities who cleared his personal belongings, found one of the last letters he received was a card from Bill Henderson for his 80th birthday, with his address and phone number.

Bill Henderson first met Keith Taylor at the Binnaguri Club in 1960. A relic of the Raj – Calcutta’s iconic Fairlawn Hotel closes its doors. Hamish Young wrote to tell us the sad news of the death of Mrs Suresh Thukral on 26th March at her home in New Delhi. The funeral took place on 28th March.

Sudha, as she was known, was the wife of Suresh Thukral who served both a a manager and superintendent with Duncan Bros. Dooars and the North Bank in Assam. We are trying to contact Alan King. Fiona Winter want to get in touch with you.

Peter Byrne has published a new autobiography “A Fortunate Life”. To learn more go to the BOOKS PAGE or www. Photographer Nikhil Kapur has photographed nearly 140 gardens in Darjeeling, Dooars and Terai with the intention of publishing a book highlighting the architecture, lifestyle and history of these tea estates. He is looking for information about specific gardens.