Has your home been your top investment? ASK TONY: Farcical Virgin Media can’t decide if I’m deep in forex trading income tax uk rates or owed hundreds of pounds!

Can I be made redundant while I’m on maternity leave? Thinking of moving shares into an Isa? Read this: Thinking of moving shares into an Isa? Savers could be hit with a surprise tax bill if they move their shares into an Isa. Isa’ — so future dividends will be tax-free.

But doing so could leave you liable for capital gains tax, charged at up to 20 per cent. 18,000 — would pay CGT if they moved the entire amount into an Isa this year. Jason Hollands of Tilney Group said: ‘If you move all your money in one go, you may come a cropper. Instead, move the money in stages.