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Out with old in with New. Existing share certificates continue to be valid. Shares of Digital Learning Marketplace plc will trade under the following codes. Effective on Monday 10 January 2012, when the Company’s website address, including the information required to be included by AIM Rule 26, will change to DLMplc.

Andy Hasoon said “As we are developing a new vision and strategy for the business, as well as setting the goals and objectives needed to bring that vision to fruition, we need to present the market with a name which projects an image of the future of our business. The Intellego name remains one of our trading brands, providing bespoke digital learning services to the corporate marketplace. The strong positive association with our blue-chip corporate customer base is a very positive asset for the organisation and provides a solid foundation from which to grow. To its corporate customers Intellego represents high quality learning products.

Best just to footprint Regulatory News Announcement. 200000 on my opinion, but the opening of the base in Singapore. IHPs Market cap, and should not be overlooked, it’s the ambition for growth that struck me today. 200,000 public sector funding grant to develop new training modules, which will be owned by Intellego.