Ganhar bitcoin no android in most Asian countries that I have travelled to, it is usually a breeze to get a pre-paid SIM card. They are cheap, easy to recharge credits, and you can get connected in virtually a couple minutes.

Just make sure that your phone is already unlocked, and you will have no trouble using a new SIM. China mobile networks operates much in the same  way, however there are a few wrinkles that you should be aware of — so here is a guide to help you figure out which SIM card to get when you come to China. China Mobile shopfronts are EVERYWHERE in China. So even if you for some unknown reason find yourself out in rural-nowhere China, you might not be able to find a real toilet, but at least you will still be able to get a SIM card there. 2G GSM Service is compatible with any quad-band unlocked phone.

3G service is based on a weird Chinese-made TD-SCDMA standard, which unfortunately is not compatible with many phones from outside China. If you brought your own phone from outside China, you might not be able to use 3G on China Mobile’s Network. 4G has been rolled out in most major areas and cities in China. Again, the LTE bands are a little different from the USA and other countries.

Your foreign iphone 6 probably will not be able to use China Mobile’s 4G, but most Iphone 6s should be able to. The 2nd largest mobile carrier in China, and is the only carrier that has 3G that will work with phones from outside China. Coverage: China Unicom coverage is not as extensive as China Mobile, but is still very good. 2G GSM Service compatible with any quad-band unlocked phone. 3G UMTS compatible with any unlocked phone that supports 2100mhz 3G, which covers most modern smartphones.

1 service recently launched in most major cities, which again, just requires any 2100mhz smartphone. 4G LTE has rolled out in most major areas in China. It works well with almost any unlocked GSM phone. China Telecom, 中国电信 China Telecom uses a CDMA network which is incompatible with virtually all phones purchased outside China. I guess you could look at China Telecom. China Mobile has a weird 3G CDMA standard that works mostly with phones purchased in China. Billed the same regardless of where you are or where you are calling in China.