Has anybody done this beginner FX course out of Singapore? Is there a review of it on T2W please? The markets can gracecheng forex solvent longer than you can stay irrational.

Greece problem is the real problem for forex, is politics play on forex? I also have problems with large rabbits in my garden. I’ve decided to record my sports trading progress for the amusement of the masses since I am writing reports, anyway, for a thread on Pistonheads. The first posts will just cover the posts from 6th February to date. I will only update once a week, typically on a Sunday night. I may make occasional comments during the week.

I’ve been trying to find my feet with scalping in-game. It’s quite tricky because you have to be quick plus there’s typically an 8 second delay between placing an order and it appearing on the table – this is a Betfair rule and cannot be changed. The markets can stay solvent longer than you can stay irrational. Well, this was a waste of a day. Chelsea v Liverpool : Match Odds 0.

Bochum v Oberhausen : Match Odds 0. Mersin Idman Yurdu v Samsunspor : Match Odds -0. Remember, folks, gambling’s only a problem when you lose. Thought I could get lucky playing the friendlies today but I don’t think the players necessarily have their heart in it so the odds are a bit inaccurate eg Argentina was a bit high for my liking which is why I kept the bets small. And the England bet was really hedging my emotions.

Poland v Norway : Match Odds -0. Denmark v England : Match Odds -0. Israel v Serbia : Match Odds -0. Was trying to be clever here. Saturday so it should be interesting.