The absorbance of 596 nm light guaiacol oxidation indicator forex the sample is compared to a reference curve generated by standard H2O2 solutions. This method is suitable for these and similar applications where the water matrix is clear and free of turbidity. L may be diluted with distilled water to a concentration suitable for this method.

However, excessive turbidity or any contaminate that absorbs ultraviolet light at 596 nm may impact the accuracy and sensitivity of the method. Neoprene gloves and monogoggles are recommended, as is working under a vacuum hood. Sample bottles containing H2O2 should not be stoppered, but rather vented or covered loosely with aluminum foil or paraffin film. Mix equal volumes of 2 M sodium acetate and 2 M acetic acid and adjust the pH to 4. 1 N KMnO4 and use this solution to prepare a 1.

The glassware is then rinsed with distilled water and oven dried at 110 deg-C. Passivated glassware should be stored by covering the opening with aluminum foil. L stock solution of hydrogen peroxide is standardized before use with 0. 1 N KMnO4 until the pink color of KMnO4 appears in the solution. L H2O2 calibration solution to 0.

89 mL of distilled water in a 20 mL vial. Add successively 1 mL of the leuco crystal violet solution, 0. This solution has a H2O2 concentration of 0. Mix the solution gently and wait five minutes for color development. Place the solution in a 1 cm quartz cell and measure the absorbance at 596 nm versus a blank solution in a matched cell.

33 mL of the diluted 1. 55 mL of the diluted H2O2 solution and 9. 1 mL of the diluted H2O2 solution and 8. These solutions have H2O2 concentrations of 0. Plot the absorbance against the concentration and draw the best straight lime through the experimental points.