What is an ICO presale or Pre-ICO? K’ would mean kelvin, a unit for thermodynamic temperature. Hashing is basically an algorithm, that transfers any string input in a hashes per bitcoin block output of specific length.

After hashing all this info, there is obviously a new output. This output now gets compared to the current difficulty level of the network. If the hash output is lower, then the block is valid and thus you are able to collect the block reward! DR: Hashing is a function used by the Bitcoin blockchain. The higher your hashing rate is, the faster you are able to solve the given puzzle, and thus the higher your chances are to get rewarded for finding the block!

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Extending Primecoin’s mission of useful proof-of-work, Bitcoin Prime is a revolution that puts miners computational power to work solving issues of security and scalability. Primecoin is a unique blockchain with innovative proof-of-work based on prime numbers and is the first cryptocurrency in the world where the algorithms that secure the blockchain also create mathematically useful and interesting by-products. Primecoin shows that the computational effort used in proof-of-work can have a multitude of real world applications. Bitcoin Prime is the cryptocurrency platform that will be created from the upcoming fork of Primecoin and Bitcoin.

Expanding and supporting Primecoin is our first step on this journey. Inspired by Primecoin’s unique POW, we aim to bring this undervalued coin up-to-date and to expand its capabilities to solve modern problems in crypto. If you are interested in participating in this exploration with us please join the Discord. Bitcoin Prime will be a fork-merge of Primecoin and Bitcoin. It will support the Lightning network and implement Segwit. Bitcoin Prime will retain Primecoin’s unique proof-of-work where the results of the computational power of its miners are mathematically significant. It will also have 1 min blocks, making payment transactions 10x faster than the bitcoin network.

The fork date is yet to be announced. Bitcoin Prime will be a unique cryptocurrency platform where the computational efforts of miners are used to solve modern day issues of security and scalability. Bitcoin Prime is the cryptocurrency platform that will be created from an upcoming fork of Primecoin and Bitcoin. 67ハッシュ and Russian: Майним Bitcoin с помощью бумаги и ручки.