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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Services include products that are traded on margin and carry a risk that you can lose more than your initial deposit. These products may not be suitable for everyone. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved by reading our basic guide below the comparison table and conducting your own research. The comparison includes sponsored and featured financial spread betting companies. Low-cost spread betting provider with tight, fixed spreads. Generous Welcome bonus and loyalty scheme available.

You probably know how the financial market works-buy in and hope it goes up. But that’s only for people with lots of money, right? However, when financial trading with a spread bet, you can lose more than your initial deposit. While Spread Bets are currently tax-free, tax laws can change at any time. Even if you could get in, you don’t have enough money to cover the position. You also escape any additional commissions and fees, as these are included in the spread. With Financial Spread Bets, you can speculate on whether a specific financial market will increase or decrease in value.

Unlike traditional financial products, which typically only allow you to buy, Spread Bets can be entered as either buy or sell trades. You trade stakes of the underlying instrument price, but never actually own any part of that instrument. Because of this, you can leverage your trades, or put up a small portion to cover a larger position. However, leverage can result in substantial losses as easily as it can produce considerable profits, so make sure you are always managing your risk. What are the benefits of Spread Betting?

Now one of the most popular instruments among traders in the UK, spread betting has attracted all kinds of traders, from individuals transitioning from traditional markets to those who enjoy the thrill of speculation. In fact, recent estimates of the number of spread bettors in the UK are in the hundreds of thousands. With spread bets, the commission is built into the spread. Keep in mind that spread bets involve a finance adjustment, which may be a credit or debit to your account.