I could talk about it daily for 12 hours and not grow tired from it. Al has to be the most boring trade “gurus” on the planet, must be fun a a party. As for his books, indescribable, I challenge anyone to read inner circle trader myfxbook forex chapter in one sitting and to remain coherent. After some effort I finally got up the courage to dissect his ‘candles’ and came to the conclusion that old Al just trades the noise.

A much much better approach to such Trading is Bob Volman’s, ” Forex Price Action Scalping”. Here is the link to the ZIP file so that you can download my ICT notes. The ZIP includes more files than what is listed in this thread. Let me know if there is anything that needs to be corrected. This is much more organized and helped a lot!

Not postin alot here, but been following ICT FREE education for about few years now. Did he ever charge you a dime? I have learned loads from him, and he didnt charged me shit. I was able to download some before but now I can only save the link to the webpage.