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See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. I look forward to the next move up. Steak is on a hold mate sausages for now. All, very quiet here today only 3 trades so far.

I suppose things will pick up once we receive some positive news? I am discussing the situation with other investors . 40mill per year it’s just about becoming more profitable. Huge following up north and the new appointment will move into the Halal sector as well. There will be short term holders who have traded this but long term it looks to be a decent recovery play. Setup a personalised Watchlist and Virtual Portfolio. View more Trades, Directors’ Deals, and Broker Ratings.

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Bitcoin is not only the world’s first cryptocurrency, it is also the first borderless and apolitical form of money in the history of mankind. It is the next step in the evolution of money technology that’s rapidly developing in lockstep with an increasingly interconnected world. Bitcoin nodes are distributed all over the world, forming a decentralized network without a central point of failure. This ensures that no government can shut off the entire Bitcoin network on a global scale. Bitcoin is unrestricted in 107 of 251 countries or regions. Bitcoin is either deemed legal by the government or that there is currently no explicit restriction in place against using cryptocurrencies in general.

Looking closer, almost half of these countries are majority muslim with theocratic political systems like Qatar and Afghanistan. Bitcoin illegal to use on religious grounds. But whether such policies can actually be enforced is a separate question altogether. Likely, Bitcoin’s illegal status in most of these countries is merely a formality on paper in an attempt to dissuade its citizens. Others on the list have their own reasons. Ecuador, for example, was the first country to launch its own digital currency in 2014 and simultaneously decided to ban any competition.

Unfortunately for Ecuador, however, the experiment seems to have failed. But regardless of whether countries are majority-muslim countries or not, the underlying theme is the same: nations’ central banks simply don’t want competition to its money monopoly. Governor of the National Bank of Macedonia, Dimitar Bogov. The international payment operations are carried out through the payment operations carriers, which are the banks. Hence, trading in bitcoin or using it for payments in Macedonia is illegal. Unfortunately for these nations have yet to realize that such policy is futile. Though traditional on and off-ramps can indeed be restricted, it is impossible to completely shut off Bitcoin—much like the internet.