Enter and manage those trades in a consistent and disciplined manner. Journal your results, and review them to identify what’s working and what’s kalau kamu tidak tahan lelahnya belajar forex working. So, it’s time to stop searching for this holy-grail solution and get down to some good old-fashioned work.

Every technical analysis book on the market shows a number of charts with horizontal lines, and labels them support or resistance. Because they look cool, and you can show your friends how clever you are at analyzing the market? Well, yeah, perhaps that’s part of it. But have you ever really stopped and asked why you should care if the price action can be bounded by a line? What does it really mean if price has been unable to break through a particular level in the past?

I have not personally found one that works for me as well as the concept of support and resistance. So, how do support and resistance work? Price moves due to an imbalance between supply and demand. When there is more demand than supply, price rises until they are once again balanced. We can also use this concept to explain support or resistance areas. Price rises while demand is greater than supply. As price rises though, it will become less attractive to the buyers, leading to reduced demand.

And it will become more attractive to sellers, leading to increased supply. Resistance is simply an area which has shown past evidence of halting a price rise. Price hits the resistance zone, and turns around to fall again. If it helps, think of resistance as a ceiling that resists any further price rise.

Apakah profesion seorang trader menjanjikan pulangan yang lumayan? Kenapa kebanyakan trader banyak yg rugi? Kenapa ramai yang bermain forex dan saham selalu rugi? TINGKATAN SEORANG TRADER UNTUK MENJADI SUKSES BERMAIN DI FOREX DAN SAHAM . Mencari broker dan mula membuka akaun, disinilah kamu bermula. Kamu menjadi trader kerana kamu mendengar bahawa pendapatan seorang trader boleh mengalahkan pendapatan seorang director. Lagi pula bila mana kamu mula bermain di akaun demo telah mendapat profit yang berganda-ganda, lalu apa susahnya?