Utilize easy mechanical trades that remove the guess-work from trading. Opportunities to marubozu forex cargo in Breakout Gaps and how to handle Bad News Gaps.

See the difference between healthy profit-taking and a full-scale reversal ahead. Fry Pan Bottom The downtrend starts waning with the appearance of small trading bodies. As the trend starts slowly curling up, a gap up in price indicates that strong buying sentiment has now returned. Classic What is expected coming out of a Fry Pan Bottom? HERO 3 wave Where are the big money investors watching for a support? What are the signals and patterns looking for? EA FP What is this telling us?

KKR Classic What is expected after a Fry Pan Break out? FRAN Short to a Target FRAN- Breaking thru support Where is likely target? Cradle Pattern The Cradle Pattern is a symmetric bottom pattern that is easy to identify. A downtrend becomes obvious with a large black candle at the bottom. A series of small or indecisive trading days trade in a flat area. A bullish candle, more powerful with a Bullish Engulfing signal, is formed of approximately the same magnitude as a Bearish candle at the end of the downtrend. This signifies that the Bulls have come out of the indecisive trading area with decisive force.

Jay Hook Pattern The first move of the uptrend is very strong. A candlestick sell signal indicates a pullback about to occur. J Hook What do the candle formations say on The pull back? Best F J Hook Why is a J Hook anticipated? Scoop Pattern – What should happen upon confirming?

Belt Hold Pattern Strong prevailing trend The candlestick body should be the opposite color of the prevailing trend Gap on the open, continuing the trend The open is the high or low of that trend The length of the body should be a long body. What should we be looking for? Trading Gaps Gaps represent enthusiasm to get into a position to the point that investors will pay prices away from any of the previous day’s trading range. Great for identifying panic selling at the bottom and exuberant buying at the top.

TRADING GAPS What is the definition of a GAP? Gap or window occurs when there is a gap in price within a specific time frame. In a rising chart, it illustrates prices opening higher than previous trading range. The buyers have stepped in with great enthusiasm.

In a declining chart, it illustrates prices opening lower than previous trading range. The sellers are getting out at any cost. AFFY Doji after gap up at top A gap up in overbought conditions make it time to watch for a sell signal. CHART PATTERNS Technical analysis, as you have seen in our Trading Academy videos so far, is not just about charts. Reversal Chart Patterns Disclaimer The candlestick patterns explained in this presentation are for information purposes only. INTRODUCTION TO CANDLE STICKS Today you will Learn How to understand candlestick charts and how to setup your charts. Disclaimer: The authors of the articles in this guide are simply offering their interpretation of the concepts.