MIDAS research in this website largely accomplish this goal. Andrew Coles’ contextualised Gen-4 curves, midas commodity midas commodity and forex forex remains proprietary. Beginning with a narrow base in stock analysis, the MIDAS approach now extends into every area of market analysis, including the cash forex markets and the futures and options markets.

Gen-2 curves is wholly responsible for the expansion of MIDAS techniques into the forex market and futures and options. In the case of forex, Gen-2 curves can either be constructed without volume for higher timeframe FX analysis or with tick data for intraday applications. AC Displacement Channel was originally called by Andrew Coles the Anchored VWAP Channel. Gen-4 curves have 9 curve    subsets. MIDAS system evolved but also to the generation of the new forms of indicator and the curves highlighted above. In due course, the possibility of licensing the indicators and curves will be considered.

This will result in the full suite of MIDAS indicators and curves being available as add-ons in familiar technical analysis platforms. A forum for the site is also under consideration and a decision on its implementation will be made shortly. In the meantime, in the panel below site visitors can sample the contents of the MIDAS book and review the professional praise. August 2017:  Based on Midas Globe’s handing of DavidK’s case as well as the company’s extremely unfair Terms of Service, the FPA believes that this company should be considered to be a scam. The FPA warns all traders against placing funds with Midas Globe.