Depending on the position on the mt4 better volume indicator forex line traders determine whether it is time to Sell or Buy. Note: Indicator signals are confirmed only when price candles are closed. Therefore, until an hourly candle closes, no actions should be taken.

It can help to stay longer in a trade and not panic. At the same time it is very quick to react to trend changes. Yet, like any trend indicator, it is prone to sideways market drifts. And although unlike other indicators it’ll give fewer false signals, it would be extremely difficult to profit with it during ranging markets. This phrase – ‘it’ll give less false signals’ – should read – ‘it’ll give fewer false signals’. Great site by the way – thanks a lot! Just try the steps a few times.

As the last resort download a platform from another broker. 4 , it is not working. MT4 workd with both files: mq4 and ex4. Try restarting your platform, the indicator should work.

No arrows just a blue line. I did, to show how to trade. Hello sir,Can you please update this indicator in . This indicator will do auto trade?