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Quickly find a countries latest currency value with our online currency converter. Select each desired currency from the menu boxes, then input your amount of money to convert. The result will then be displayed in a new page. You can then go back and set new values, or different currencies, and try again. Providing the latest Foreign Exchange rates and information for the UK. About our conversion data The data at Forex Rate updates each day from the Central European Bank.

For latest updates please check the Central European Bank website. We are committed to keeping the data as accurate as possible, however it is not live data. For live conversion data you can try out the converter at our other site Live Forex which updates exchange rates in real time every minute of the day. About our Forex News On our Forex News page you will find up to date articles, commentary and forecasts on the Forex markets and world wide currency exchange. The news is updated daily and covers a wide range of topics from Economic data affecting Forex to reports on Oil and Gold markets. If you write articles on the Forex market, or have a news service which would like to submit it’s news on our feed, get in touch with us via our contact form here. The news articles are available as a free RSS news feed, and you are able to add the feed easily to your My Yahoo page, Google and MSN pages, and most social bookmarking sites.

If you are a website or blog owner and wish to include the articles on yor pages, please feel free, but keep the links intact as a thank you to us! The British Pound or commonly known as GBP is the long standing currency of the United Kingdom. It has a long and colourful history and is recognised as one of the leading world currencies. GBP rates are affacted by economic conditions in the United Kingdom, and also from monetary policies set by the Bank of England.

Providing the latest Foreign Exchange rates and information for the UK. The list below is mostly based on the latest available IMF data, and while most nations report in U. Eastern Europe report solely in Euros. And since all the figures below are in U. Hong Kong and Macau report separate figures. Indian reports are released on a weekly basis with the figures being of the previous week. The Iranian government does not report the foreign exchange reserves as a matter of policy and all figures are estimates calculated by international or foreign institutes, which are occasionally endorsed by Iranian officials without disclosing the exact numbers.