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Prior to making transactions one should get acquainted with the risks to which they relate. Despite the SEC making it clear that MLM cryptocurrency opportunities are not exempt from securities regulation, some companies don’t appear to have gotten the memo. We break down the barriers for financial wealth. That last sentence is key, because it pretty much defines Wealth Generators’ new Crypto mining contracts. Crypto uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine at any given time.

Crypto’s algorithm diversifies what is being mined to reduce some of the risk associated with mining cryptocurrency. The cryptrocurrencies that are currently being mined through the Crypto platform are ethereum, dash, monero and ethereum classic, but others may be added at any time. It’s a minimum deposit of five hundred dollars. Once you get it set up, you don’t have to touch it. As the founder and as the leader of this community, what we do is we risk, I risk my own money verifying what works. I go out there and do the due-diligence.

I go out there and do the research. Better Business Bureau and most of all, they are publishing their results. So you’re not going to see a company out there in this space that’s doing those three things. Yet despite these assurances, Schrum doesn’t name the company Wealth Generators is offering contracts through. He does however mention they supposedly have rigs in Hong Kong and New Zealand. What Schrum does confirm is that Wealth Generators are only accepting bitcoin for the contracts, and that the daily ROI is paid out in ethereum.

As I mentioned earlier, the key take-away from Wealth Generators’ Crypto offering is that it’s clearly a passive investment opportunity. I’m going to break that down for you and how you can position yourself in this new digital gold rush. But more importantly, how you can earn free mining contracts, or mining machines, that spit off cash to you and you’re not doing anything. Wealth Generators’ Crypto platform is clearly a securities offering. Crypto mining contracts require registration with the SEC to ensure everything is above-board. This isn’t optional, this is established securities law in the US dating back to 1933.