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Thank you for taking the time to help us continue to improve our handbook. Advisory lines at the top of Updates, advise clients of additional new details in a running story and where to find the information in text. They are also an important news-editing tool because they help us decide whether we really need to re-edit the story. Indent one space and start with a capital letter. The aim of bullet points is to break complicated information down into digestible form or to highlight the main elements of a story. Bullet points also free us up to be more creative in our lead writing. Bullet points work in many story formats: BRIEFs, UPDATES, WRAPUPs, INTERVIEWs, market reports and factboxes.

To add bullet points in a story in Lynx Editor, click on the More Actions tab and click Add Bullets to create a bullet field above the byline field in the story header. Here are some details on the various story formats that currently use bullet points. We may extend this group to include other story types. BRIEFs are meant to save time and ensure customers who cannot receive alerts get the guts of our stories.

The bullets repeat the alerts verbatim, and that’s OK. A BRIEF can have more than 5 bullets. BRIEFs are used by company news but can be used by other files. BRIEFs do not carry place names in the dateline. Bullet points on UPDATES and WRAPUPs are used to highlight the key points in a big story. They should not slavishly repeat the lead or the headline or focus only on what is in the first dozen lines. Across the file, bullets should be used on major UPDATES and WRAPUPs.

Political and general news WRAPUPs will no longer have trashlines. In all other cases, we’re keeping trashlines for now. On INTERVIEWs, bullet points must be used from the UPDATE 1 onward to give readers a bird’s eye view of the story. On PREVIEWs, bullet points serve to identify the event being previewed, when it will take place and a key highlight. When: and gives the date, local time and GMT equivalent in brackets. Check with your EIC which format works best for your market.

In reports that consist only of bullet points, use more links to guide readers to full stories. For narrative market reports, avoid bullets with market prices but instead focus on short descriptions of factors moving the market. Some boxes contain just five bullet points. A format and require long entries to explain a complicated issue. Consult with edref on its preferred style or look at previous examples of FACTBOXES to see what works best.

We do not byline routine reporting of a press statement or news release or a newspaper or other pickup. Apart from newsbreaks, any news story may carry a byline if it contains original reporting. Double bylines may be used on stories when the story is the product of significant reporting by two individuals, but should be used sparingly. Use of more than two bylines on a single story may be appropriate at times on Special Reports but otherwise should be approved by a senior editor. Stories with a double dateline that are bylined should carry a byline from each location.