The good news is that with the power of the Internet you can now find expert traders online and trade with them regardless of your location. You’d professional forex trader facebook surprised how this experience can change your trading habits.

There are a few professional binary traders that have mastered binary trading and are now sharing their techniques with people all over the world. Unfortunately, their service is not free, they charge a subscription fee but it is still relatively low in comparison to what you would be paying for a course or for one-on-one training with a local trader, assuming you could find one in your area. The professional traders share their computer screen and audio feed in real-time via a password protected website. They usually trade their live accounts and perform technical and fundamental analysis using free charting software. Subscribers can view their screen, listen to their comments, follow their advice, and copy their trades online. This graphic below illustrates this basic setup.

Subscribers can watch and listen to the entire trading analysis on their computer at home, regardless of their physical location. In addition, subscribers can communicate with the trader by asking questions via an open chat window during the trading sessions. One of the main advantages of trading live with a professional trader is that you get hands on market experience right from the start. To enhance your learning experience you can add another monitor and set up your charts in the same way as your expert trader.

That way you can view and listen to the feed on one monitor and on the other follow and test your own charts. Your expert trader will help you set up the charts on your computer. The other most obvious advantage is that you get professional help and advice from a market expert in real time. You can learn from all the actions and comments of your expert trader as he examines the price action of various assets. You don’t need to know much about the markets or trading but when you follow the advice of a professional trader who’s been winning for years, you get an amazing advantage over other traders. Your expert trader will show you what to trade, when to trade, and how to trade to win at binary options.

Another advantage is that when you trade with professional traders, you only work about 2 hours per day because pro traders focus on very specific trading times and strategies. This type of working day approach can be very liberating. Sure, there are many people who advertise their trading systems online but they usually don’t include ongoing mentoring and market commentary. Additionally many of those systems haven’t been tested thoroughly and long enough by users. There are, however a few professional binary options traders whose trading skills have been tested by many users. The following trading rooms have been in operation for many years and have helped thousands of traders. The most successful binary options experts run a signalling service which is part of their trading room.