For more detailed information feel free to download the LT Trend Sniper free documentation guide. The LT Trend Sniper system is a Forex strategy that I designed and automated in 2012. Professional forex trader income property LT Trend Sniper is a simple system that operates based on one entry rule only and two exit rules.

It is entirely based on price action and uses exactly zero indicators for its trading decisions. Its simplicity is what makes it robust and likely to keep delivering profits in the future as it exploits a very basic characteristic present in any market where trends are developed. As the name suggests, the strategy attempts to catch trends. Very long term trends in fact on the daily time-frame.

Once a trend is identified the system will attempt to ride it for as long as possible, sometimes for even 2 or 3 months, in order to maximize gains. No target profit is ever defined. Instead, the system will try to exploit the trend to its limit, until the trend is as close to its end as possible. EAs out there cost a fortune and most of them can’t survive even a few weeks of live trading. It’s not a short term trading system with many small winners and one single bad trade making you lose entire weeks of profits. When the Sniper wins, it wins big.

Losses are on average way smaller than winners. Some trades in the past have delivered Reward:Risk ratios between 5 and 8. You are never risking a fortune to make a little. No attempt to outsmart the market by opening multiple positions in all directions carrying large floating losses. The Sniper simply exploits a market inefficiency.

When it shows up, it makes a single bet. The strategy is explained to the last minutiae. You always know what is going to happen next and why. 2- A mathematical expectancy analysis to calculate, demonstrate and quantify a positive edge. 3- A wide parameter space of profitable combinations of different parameters.