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They may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. Yep what a let down,  Way more cost effective to just buy more regular 1070 gtx instead of the TI if doing ethereum. I currently have 1060s, 1070s, 1080s, and one 1080Ti. I mine on ZPOOL on profit switching so I think I will make a sheet showing the ZPOOL algos on each card vs.

I will share it when complete. It may have a few specialties for example the 1080s are great on a ton of algos where most folks don’t consider them since they are bad at ETH. Bah, back to 1080ti till Volta i guess for me too maybe the 1070ti A8G’s i ordered will be better maybe. I expect it to reach about 35 Mhash in Ethereum. I canceled my 1070 ti pre order. No regrets at all the 1070 ti is a big let down.

Getting the big mac daddy 1080 ti. Surely the hashrate of 2×1070 ti is better than 1×1080 ti both in Ethereum, Zcash and every other coin. I remain of the opinion that 1070 ti is one perfect card that just needs a new driver which I am sure will become available really soon. Hashrate is pretty much proportional on the price because the cuda cores are also proportional on the price. 1080 ti takes less space, but 1070 ti is way easier to keep cool. I think the pick of the GPUs at the moment is still the 1070, no reason to go for the ti model at the moment unless Nvidia pull something out the bag with the drivers.

Eth speeds are the same for me. 150 mem 535 sols using DSTM’s miner. 350mem 720 sols using DSTM’s miner. Neoscrypt appears to be semi-broken though, at least on windows 7. The new 1070ti driver has halved speed here on all my cards, the 1070ti is only doing 750kh. My 1070s now do 660kh instead of 1250kh, so by that maths the 1070ti producing 750kh would be doing about 1550kh on a working driver.

Had to put the 1070ti’s in with the 1080ti doing equihash and roll back drivers on my 1070 rig. 13c compared to the others, will have to disassemble later. Not great, but not exactly a disaster either. Btw, have you been tested it with ETH mining?

Ti version has almost no advancement over the original which is over year and a half old. Low fees, no limits task market . Always nice to have that option. I think people should be sticking to the 1080ti for ETH and ZEC.