AMD’s new Tahiti graphics processor introduces a new shader architecture, it is also the first GPU to be produced on a 28 nm process at TSMC. Cast your vote Do you agree or disagree with GPUBoss? Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date radeon hd 7950 bitcoin mining the latest news! Significantly better ocean surface simulation score 1,609.

The game graphics are top notch, even today, yet the game still runs well on most computers. This power configuration is good for up to 225 W of power draw. Overall I would say the card is “quiet”, making it a good choice for high-end gamers who want to enjoy their games without a lot of fan noise coming from the graphics card. Sapphire’s HD 7950 Flex uses a higher GPU clock than the AMD reference design, which will help gain some extra performance. Moving away from the European setting of previous Total War games, the game is now designed around principles of the brilliant Chinese general Sun Tzu and his book “The Art of War. After the tremendous success of Far Cry, the German game studio Crytek released their latest shooter Crysis in 2007. Due to the massive success of the first game, Blizzard chose to focus large aspects of the game on multiplayer combat through Battle.

Another small contribution to increased power draw is the second fan of the MSI cooler, which adds less than 0. On cards with power limiting systems we will disable the power limiting system or configure it to the highest available setting – if possible. 8 pin layout on the HD 7970. The Crossfire combination can impress even more. It is one of the first DirectX 11 games with support for new features like tesselation, which is why AMD heavily promoted it at the time of their DX 11 card launches. Later installments of the Call of Duty Series use the same game engine, so this test is also representative of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 performance.