I’m an intern at Rentalutions right now, and we’re all pretty excited about this. If there’s enough interest, I can try to get my boss to do an Rentalutions bitcoin news, and if there’s other small quick questions that I can answer, I’ll definitely try to do so.

Major inquiries should be made through our website, however. I think “stop-gap” Bitcoin start-ups like this are a crucial addition to the space. However, they are only a stop-gap. Rentalutions isn’t a Bitcoin startup – We’ve been around for over a year and our product has been in service for a few months. We offer online property management services, and collecting rent online is one of these.

Allowing tenants to pay via Bitcoin is one of the newest additions to our service. Bitcoin to cash from tenant to landlords. Or is this Bitcoin service simply more of a supplemental service that won’t make or break the company? My point was more a blanket statement about companies that are starting to pop up like Pizza for Coins that are a stop-gap payment processor in every sense of the term.

Clearly that’s not what this service is, so again, sorry for the confusion. No need to apologise, it was a misunderstanding after all. I’m off work now so I can’t run the answers by the cofounders before posting onto reddit, so I’ll try to answer as well as I can. We’re primarily in the business of helping landlords and tenants be able to conduct things such as signing leases, paying rent, etc. When a wallet like you mentioned appears and offers lower fees and is easy to use and implement, I believe that we’ll probably integrate that into our system. We do want to lower fees as well. I’ve actually never heard of Pizza for Coins until you mentioned it, and it does seem like that kind of service won’t last long once an easier way of paying with Bitcoins appears.