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Its been 25 years since Steve Nison unveiled candlestick charting to US consumers. Not once in the past 25 years has Steve Nison ever shown through personal trading that his ideas are valid. In fact, modern trading software has allowed consumers to back test every single one of his mystical candlestick patterns, only to discover that they are no more or less predictive than the average carnival fortune teller. Pros: Candlestick charting is cute to look at. Cons: Candlestick charting is highly subjective and does not pass standard scientific testing methods. Testing of Steve Nison’s patterns reveal nothing predictive. The grand poobah of candlestick charting, not once in his 25 years of selling candlestick patterns, has ever revealed personal trading results.

A long time professional trading guru that has never proven he can trade successfully. Today’s Review is Steve Nison’s Candlecharts. Thanks for reading today’s review of Steve Nison as well as his websites: Candlecharts. Steve Nison is considered to be the first westerner to introduce the concept of candlestick charting to the western world. What I mean by western world is English speaking traders.

Of course, all of this mystical and mythical rice trading samurai stuff is entertaining to read and contemplate. Us westerners, when we think of anything Japanese, we tend to think of something well engineered, and a society that is very old. All Things Japanese How did Japanese candlestick charting become such a popular concept? All popular modern charting packages now include Japanese candlestick charting. This inclusion leads us to assume that it must be a valid idea simply because it is included as a standard charting feature. And how did it become such a powerful concept? The Japanese candlestick, is really just a pop culture phenomenon that was born out of the 1980’s.