As an incredibly robust and time tested trading system, SSBO is now over 10 years old and ssbo indicator forex still going strong. Yes, I still trade full time, and Yes, SSBO is still my primary trading system. It is quite literally the best system I have ever seen for exploiting market weakness, so why change now? No, I am most likely NOT available for private mentoring.

My stint at the Forex Factory was the only time and place I have used the internet to teach anything about SSBO to the general public. Since then, SSBO has been copied to many other web sites in many languages, but none of it was by me. It was never my intention to teach everything I know about trading or about SSBO in my teaching thread at FF. I was offering a free service there, and I was never under any obligation to disclose everything, and I do not feel it was wrong keep certain information to myself, and for the benefit of my private paying students. With over a million apps and games, Google Play has something for everyone.

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