00 Open broker chart EURUSD or GBPUSD Strategi trading forex tanpa indikator 99 9 profit maximization TF up . Back to chart TF MN noticed the last candle is currently approx 06.

Notice the direction of movement of the candle , leading down or up . Tide No need any indicator . Need not use Fibo , Suport Resistance , and Trendline macem – macem . D1 TF OP SELL At the direction of movement of the candle in the TF MN . When the candle opposite direction . When the opening price on Monday morning market is different from the current price at the closing on Friday , then that is what we call the Gap .

View Candle in the current position of the market opening on Monday morning . When there is a gap up or down , do not always take the position . See whether or Bearish Bullish Candle . If there is a gap up and position Bullish candle , it can immediately take BUY position . Vice versa , if it occurs Gap down and bearish candle , it can direct the OP Sell.