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Alignment with Basel Committee decision on exclusion of correlation trading. Allineamento alla decisione del comitato di Basilea sull’esclusione della negoziazione delle correlazioni. This Regulation applies to trading in wholesale energy products. Il presente regolamento si applica alla negoziazione di prodotti energetici all’ingrosso.

You should talk to the commodities trading commission. Dovresti parlare con la Commissione per il Commercio delle Commodity. Then the Pope goes and bans trading Christians. Poi arriva il Papa e proibisce il commercio di cristiani. Institutions shall revalue trading book positions at least daily. Gli enti rivalutano le posizioni detenute nel portafoglio di negoziazione almeno giornalmente. Specify whether the main activity is producing or trading.

Specificare se l’attività principale consiste nella produzione o nel commercio. All other trading activity not covered by this table. Tutte le altre attività di negoziazione non oggetto della presente tabella. The liberalisation of Internet trading in Europe continues apace.

La liberalizzazione del commercio su Internet in Europa continua a registrare progressi. The fraud was perpetrated using the triangular trading method. La frode è stata perpetrata utilizzando il metodo del commercio triangolare. The correct terminology is “admitted to trading”. L’espressione corretta è “ammessi alla negoziazione”.

Such trading systems are those where algorithmic trading may take place as opposed to trading systems in which algorithmic trading is not permitted, including trading systems where transactions are arranged through voice negotiation. Firstly, it is necessary to reflect the further Basel decision to exclude correlation trading from the new trading book requirements. The trading processes based on direct electronic access are not mutually exclusive to those involving algorithmic trading or its sub-segment high frequency algorithmic trading technique. Therefore, specific organisational requirements should be laid down in respect of regulated markets, multilateral trading facilities and organised trading facilities allowing for or enabling algorithmic trading through their systems.

An investment firm shall retain full responsibility for the testing of its algorithmic trading systems, trading algorithms or algorithmic trading strategies and for making any required changes to them. It is appropriate to differentiate the amount and nature of reported data according to trading systems, trading modes and trading platforms to provide a proper context for the quality of execution obtained. SMEs having raised equity capital will be admitted to the trading on the Investbx trading platform. To ensure the same conditions for algorithmic trading independently of trading form, any type of execution system or order management system operated by an investment firm should be covered by this Regulation. Voice trading systems or request for quote systems where the response requires human intervention or does not allow algorithmic trading, or systems which are used for concluding negotiated transactions should be subject to different accuracy standards. No results found for this meaning.