Adebayo , a retired Captain in the Nigeria Army, has a doctorate degree in Theology. In this interview with Taiwo Abiodun, he talks about Ogboni Fraternity and the state the forex fraternity the nation. Sir, how do you feel joining the league of septuagenarians?

I thank God for my life. I could have died so many years ago if not for God. Is it when I was young and treading dangerous paths? Or is it the risk I took and went to enlist in the Army without the knowledge of my parents? At 70, I think God still needs me.

And I need to contribute my service to humanity, I want to do more than before. I want to serve my community and church before I leave this planet. How was your career in the military? I once worked at the West Africa Examination Council office, Yaba.

From there I went to join the Army in the 60s, and rose to the rank of a Captain. I went to the war front to pay the soldiers their salaries during the Nigerian civil war. I was in the Pay and Records department. That is why I don’t pray for war at all in this country again. Each time we went to pay the soldiers their salaries we would be seeing bullets flying by our sides and many died from this. I witnessed many of this and God rescued me.

I risked my life going to the war front. I was honest, dedicated and careful. It is the spirit of accountability and responsibility that made me to be able to have control over communities. I saw dead bodies all over the place during the war. When paying the soldiers, for those who had died their list would be taken to Casualty and when their names are called the families or wives of fallen soldiers would come up to take their pay. We took death as nothing, it has no meaning to us, so we had no choice than to go and pay in the battlefield.